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The Second Yangtze River Culture and Art Week Kicked off, Bringing an Art Carnival

The Second Yangtze River Culture and Art Week Kicked off, Bringing an Art Carnival

CHONGQING, China, Jan. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A news report from iChongqing: Light and shadow flows with art. On the evening of January 6, the first Chongqing Urban Art Festival, the Second Yangtze River Culture and Art Week and the first China·Chongqing International Light and Shadow Art Festival kicked off, making Huangjueping Street (located in Jiulongpo District) a national art carnival.

More than 40 art teams from 20 countries, including China, Italy, France, Germany, Bulgaria, etc., created a dreamlike visual feast with colourful light as pen and urban architecture as paper, drawing cheers from the audience. These 200 products showed the unique cultural temperament of Jiulong Art Peninsula by using the artistic language of light and shadow.

In addition, a variety of exhibitions were launched simultaneously.

Invitation Exhibition of Fine Art Works of 13 provinces, cities and autonomous regions along the Yangtze River were aimed at Chinese custom and culture, telling stories about new changes and achievements in economic and cultural construction in recent years.

The Fourth Chongqing Printmaking Exhibition displayed more than 100 products, representing the highest artistic level of Chongqing printmaking.

Special Exhibition of Chongqing Famous Artists’ Painting theme Works in Shizhu described the achievements of the poverty alleviation work, bringing Chongqing’s countryside back to life.

The Third Chongqing Children’s Art Exhibition contained a great diversity of art forms such as printmaking, oil painting, Chinese painting, sculpture and watercolor painting, showing children’s spirit and expressing their imagination for the future.

What’s more, a series of activities, such as Jiangfeng drama Fair, living market, solo flash mob and folk art special show, presented an art event for the public. Food products, cultural specialties, vintage goods and fashion designs were also displayed during the event, meeting different needs of tourists.

All of these dressed up the new name card of the Yangtze River Bay Area of cultural and art with the concept of “Great beauty, Great aesthetic education, and Great industry”, allowing people to enjoy the deep charm of art and to appreciate the beauty of life.


SOURCE iChongqing

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