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Pearl Abyss’ First Twin Classes Maegu and Woosa Arrive in Black Desert SEA and Black Desert Mobile

Pearl Abyss’ First Twin Classes Maegu and Woosa Arrive in Black Desert SEA and Black Desert Mobile

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Pearl Abyss announced today that its first twin classes “Maegu” and “Woosa” have arrived in Black Desert SEA and Black Desert Mobile, respectively. Released simultaneously across all regions, the new twin sisters will allow Adventurers to explore each character on two different platforms, each with their own unique style of gameplay. 


Woosa is the younger of the new twin classes. Hailing from the Land of the Morning Light, an upcoming region inspired by the Joseon Dynasty, her traditional Korean outfit represents her calm yet strong personality.   

She is a mid-to melee-range class who can deliver quick strikes using the “Swallowtail Fan” as her main weapon. With her fan, Woosa is capable of performing a variety of Do arts and martial techniques including: 

  • Stormfall: Woosa creates a giant storm that circulates around her, inflicting heavy damage to surrounding enemies in a wide area.  
  • Cloudrise: Woosa creates a dark cloud above enemies’ heads, causing extreme damage through rain and lightning. Players can both activate and cancel the skill instantly.  
  • Wingbeat: Accompanied by a large whooshing sound, Wingbeat increases the size of the fan and inflicts relatively high damage. Players can use the skill twice consecutively, each time extending the area of effect (AoE). 
  • Thunderstroke/Cloudcarve: Woosa can confront her enemies with various magic skills. She can also use her abilities to create clouds, giving her great outplay potential. 

The older twin, Maegu, is also now available on Black Desert Mobile. She is a charming and compassionate character who uses the Foxspirit Charm as her main weapon to perform various ranged attacks. She draws her mystic powers from fox spirits to charm her enemies and instantly turn the battlefield bloody. Her main skills include:    

  • Charm: Sunflash: Signifying both the sun and fire, Maegu instantly approaches the enemy and attaches an exploding charm.  
  • Charm: Skypounce: Maegu uses this skill to soar through the air and move according to players’ directional input. 
  • Spirit: Petal Storm: Maegu unleashes her spiritual energy to summon a whirlwind of petals that devastate surrounding enemies.  
  • Fox Orb: When Maegu uses her passive skill, the Fox Orb effect will be applied and gain more stacks every time she uses an active skill.  

Instead of choosing one or the other, Adventurers can look forward to playing both classes in January when Pearl Abyss brings Maegu to PC and Woosa to mobile.  

Visit the official websites of Black Desert SEA and Black Desert Mobile for more information. 

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