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Guizhou Satellite TV released a video: Kazakh sisters experience Bouyei culture in an immersive way

Guizhou Satellite TV released a video: Kazakh sisters experience Bouyei culture in an immersive way

GUIYANG, China, Dec. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Xingyi finds itself in the southwest region of Guizhou Province, China, has always been a commercial distribution center, pivoting point and fortress in the intersection area of provinces Guizhou, Yunnan and Guangxi. It is known as “pivoting point of three provinces” and an important node city on the great sea route in southwest China.

Located in the world-recognized golden climate ecological zone, Xingyi has beautiful mountains and rivers, a pleasant climate and deep cultural heritage. The ethnic customs are rich and the ethnic culture is colorful. The “Eight-Tone Sitting Singing” of the Bouyei music enjoys the reputation of “Sound of Nature” and “Living Fossil of Sound” both at home and abroad. It has been included in the List of National Intangible Cultural Heritage along with the Twelve Compositions with Bouyei Bronze Drums, the Bouyei Opera and the Leyou of the Bouyei people.

The short video series “Be My Guest” produced by Guizhou Satellite TV invites foreigners to visit Guizhou in the form of a reality show to record their real life on the spot. In this episode, Yelshibek Botakoz and Yelshibek Tomiris, sisters from Kazakhstan were full of yearning for Guizhou’s scenery and culture. They came to Xingyi and followed the Bouyei sisters Hani and Xiduo to see the distant mountains, taste specialties, and listen to the ethnic music. They winessed Guizhou’s unique karst topography, tasted the unique food made from glutinous rice of the Bouyei people and heard the “Living fossil of Sound” of the Bouyei people – “Eight-Tone Sitting Singing” lingering, so that they have experienced of the various ethnic cultures of the Bouyei people in an immersive way.

“The Bouyei people are truly one with nature.” The sisters Yelshibek Botakoz and Yelshibek Tomiris are deeply touched by the life state of the Bouyei people that is closely related to nature. The sisters hope that they could bring their family members come and experience the unique customs of Guizhou next time.

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