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China Matters’ Feature: Why Is Hangzhou Popular among Foreigners?

China Matters’ Feature: Why Is Hangzhou Popular among Foreigners?

BEIJING, Nov. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Hangzhou, one of the most renowned cities in China, has become a calling card of the country. As a strategic hub among the ancient Silk Road, it boasts a diversity of cultural heritages such as silk production, seal carving, Longjing tea.


These are windows for foreigners to learn about China and its cultural essence. But more fun and interesting cultures of the city are to be explored.

To experience a real Hangzhou, five vloggers from different countries were invited to the city. They had different experiences here from tasting local food to learning traditional crafts and visiting famous attractions, etc. Through their own perspectives, unique cultures and lifestyles of Hangzhou are presented in their short videos.

In this video series, American host Jack Klumpp visits the Xiling Seal Society and the Museum of Chinese Seals to experience the seal carving; another vlogger from the US Chris tries a typical dinner with 200 RMB in Hangzhou’s countryside.

Karina, from Ukraine films her first experience with Hangzhou’s specialty dishes; Italian vlogger Rachele, who lives in Hangzhou, shares her work and daily life in the city; Korean foodie Dayi takes a stroll down Hangzhou’s traditional streets to taste authentic “banchuan”; British vlogger Adam attends the Song Dynasty Cultural Theme Fair to experience Chinese history and traditional cultures.

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